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Travel Tip: How to Stock Your Hotel Mini Bar With Healthy Food

minibarIf you’re like me, it seems almost impossible to keep to your diet when you’re at home, not to mention when you travel.

Every time I fly or stay at a hotel, I find I snack more and eat more junk food, either at the airport, on the plane, or once I land.

Let’s be honest. Many of us will determine where we stay based on whether the hotel has a pool or health club.

But how many of us actually use the facilities? Less than ten percent.

Exercise notwithstanding, there are some things smart travelers can do.

With exceedingly few exceptions, there’s not a single healthy food item (other than overpriced water) in hotel mini bars.

So, do what I do.

Before I arrive at a hotel, I ask that the mini bar is emptied or removed.

Many hotels can install a small refrigerator in your room at no extra charge.

On the way to the hotel, I stop at a local grocery store and stock up—on fresh fruit, nuts, trail mix (without the added chocolate), and water that is reasonably priced.

You’ll spend less money, you’ll eat much healthier, and without all that added sugar, you’ll even sleep better.

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