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Radio Guest List—San Jose, California—January 23, 2016

sanjoseThis week’s broadcast of the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show comes from the Fairmont San Jose in San Jose, California. Possibly best known for being a leader in technological innovations, this Bay Area city holds a wealth of history. Ken Middlebrook, the Collections Manager at History San Jose, details San Jose’s origins as the first official city in California and the original state capital. Then Mark Purdy, Sports Columnist for San Jose Mercury News, talks about the area’s different sports teams and how Levi’s Stadium will be used for more than football.

Then, we are joined by NFL Quarterback legend Jim Plunkett who shares his affection for San Jose and some of the reasons he loves the Super Bowl. For the town that hosts the big game it is not just a one-day event but a week-long affair. There are activities in the streets for the whole family, and you might just run into a former NFL star. Then Cockpit Confidential author Patrick Smith shares his thoughts on aircraft tracking and how things have not improved since MH370. There’s all of this and more on this week’s broadcast of the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show from the Fairmont San Jose in San Jose, California.

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Matthew UpChurch, Chief Executive Officer of Virtuoso, describes his definition of luxury and a staff who knows the art of conversation. He also talks about the resurgence of travel agents among millennials and how if you want the best deals, you need to pick up a phone.

Tim Ritchie, President of the Tech Museum, describes the experiential nature of the Tech Museum and how it is an innovation center more than a museum. They are open seven days a week and create an environment of education and scientific exploration for both children and adults.

Ken Middlebrook, Collections Manager at History San Jose, reveals that San Jose used to be the state capital and was the main supply stop in the area for miners in the Gold Rush. He also shares the interesting fact that San Jose was the location of the first radio broadcast.

Mark Purdy, Sports Columnist for San Jose Mercury News, gives insider information on the best time to purchase your football team paraphernalia and shares how Apple was the company that prompted the need for a jumbotron at a football stadium.

Patrick Smith, Commercial Airline Pilot and author of Cockpit Confidential, talks about the approaching two-year anniversary of the disappearance of MH370 and why there is still a lack of reliable flight tracking in some areas of the world.

Mayor Sam Liccardo talks about San Jose being the tenth largest city in the United States and discusses its continued growth. He then dives into the city’s preparation for the 50th Super Bowl and how transportation to the city is set up to handle the abundance of tourists because of a recent $1 billion airport renovation.

Jim Plunkett, Former NFL Quarterback, dissects the changes in professional football over the last 30 years. He also talks about the necessity for the new Levi’s Stadium and how this may be a game changer for the city.

George Hobica, Founder of AirFareWatchDog,com, talks about how lower fuel costs are not going to mean lower fares for travelers any time soon.

Connie Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Valley Creates, describes the company’s mission to fund and promote the arts in Silicon Valley. The area gets a lot of recognition because of the technological innovations it produces, but they try to shine a light on the area’s artists.

Curt Fukuda, Author of San Jose Japantown: A Journey, informs us that San Jose has one of the three remaining Japanese towns in the United States. Because of the area’s cultural diversity, Japanese town in San Jose is now a Pan-Asian community. The area is not a tourist trap, but rather a location where Asian natives or descendants live and shop.

Cherri Lakey, Co-Owner of Anno Domini, tackles the issue of a global market on local arts. She sees Anno Domini in a mentorship role that helps nurture independent artists.

By Darra Stone for PeterGreenberg.com