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Travel Tip: Study Shows Travel Is Now A Top Priority for Americans

Image Credit: Bethany Johnson

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Image Credit: Bethany Johnson

Image Credit: Bethany Johnson

What’s most important to you about travel?

A recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research and Hampton by Hilton found some interesting facts about the country’s current travel preferences.

According to the study, 82 percent of Americans would be willing to travel without pay for a year—if money was not an issue.

What’s more important than buying your dream car? According to 49 percent of the nation, it’s visiting foreign countries.

There was another noticeable result—68 percent of Americans would choose to check off a destination on their bucket list rather than receive a significant job promotion.

The survey also identified an emerging group it dubbed “seekenders.” These are people who prefer to spend their weekends seeking out new and spontaneous adventures, with travel as their number one preference.

They base their travels on four main categories: food, sports, music, or spending time outdoors.

What about hotel amenities? In the survey, 55 percent stated they would prefer free Wi-Fi in the hotel rather than a free breakfast.

Now let’s just hope the hotels are listening.

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