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Travel Tip: Things to Know Before Going On A Cruise

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cruise shipThinking about taking to the high seas? Here are a couple things to know before going on a cruise.

A growing number of cruise passengers still want to save money on their cruise by trying to bring their own booze.

But be advised, many cruise lines have their own special liquor retention teams. They will seize the bottles when you board and only give them to you when the cruise returns.

Part of the profits come from alcohol sales.

Then there’s the cost of onboard Wi-Fi. It’s expensive on cruise ships and runs about a dollar a minute.

You can still buy Wi-Fi packages, but keep in mind that you’ll go through minutes very quickly because the speed of most onboard Wi-Fi on cruise ships is terribly slow.

Compose everything offline or you’ll have a serious case of sticker shock when you get back to port.

Even if you’re at the port, do not use your cell phone. It seeks out the nearest signal, and most often that’s the transmitter on the ship.

Before you know it, you’ve made a marine satellite call with huge roaming charges.

Wait until you’re at least a quarter mile away from the ship before trying to use your cell phone.

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