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Travel Tip: Portable Gadgets That Can Help You Stay Healthy

SteriPEN-UltraTraveling can disrupt your healthy routines or even trigger underlying health conditions. But a few portable gadgets in your hotel room could make all the difference.

The dry air in hotel rooms is uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Satechi makes a portable humidifier that attaches to a water bottle, distributing cool mist into your room.

A city’s air quality can also have an impact on your health. If you’re really worried, look into a portable air purifier for your hotel room.

Welltop makes a mini one that sits on a desk and filters the air around you.

If water quality is an issue, look for a water bottle that comes with its own built-in filter. LifeStraw and Camelbak both make them for camping but they can be used anywhere.

In places where water is really contaminated, an ultraviolet water purifier like SteriPEN can get you out of a bind. A portable travel-sized pen can make up to 3,000 liters of safe drinking water.

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