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Peter Greenberg Worldwide—Waldorf Astoria Orlando, Florida—June 13, 2015

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waldorf astoria 2This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the Waldorf Astoria Orlando in Florida. Adding a high end luxury brand so close to Walt Disney World may beg the question, Why is this hotel here? The answer…it was needed!

Guests this week include Chris Thompson, President and CEO of Brand USA, who talks about marketing the U.S. to a global audience, and the growth in foreign tourism to America—not just Orlando, but across the U.S. We are also joined by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor of Cruise Critic, who discusses the changing nature of some cruise ships, and some surprises about what passengers really want (versus what some companies think they want).

Then Manny Belete, who runs the Bull & Bear at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando, touches on everything from single malt scotch to serious pastry (and a lot in between). Travel Editor from The Wall Street Journal Scott McCartney is here with an update on breaking travel news.

There’s all of this and more from the Waldorf Astoria Orlando on the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show.

Check out this week’s guest list, listen to the latest all-local podcast, and stream the full show below.

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