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Travel Tip: How You Can Use Crowdfunding for Your Travels

bahamasIs it possible to get other people to pay for your travels? That’s where crowdfunding COULD come in handy, but don’t assume that it means a totally free ride.

This is the way crowdfunding sites work: You post your call to action, and supporters can donate cash to your project—or, uh, plane ticket. You pay a certain percentage to the website. only allows you to collect if you meet a pre-set goal, and charges five percent. On here, you’re more likely to see fundraising for a travel-related project, rather than a personal vacation. is more flexible, meaning you can collect whatever money is donated, minus the fee.

Getting strangers to give can be a challenge but it can be a good way to keep a centralized place for family and friends to donate.

For honeymoons, there are sites like Honeyfund and Traveler’s Joy. Guests can contribute money earmarked for special experiences, like a dinner or massage.

As for the etiquette of asking someone to fund your honeymoon? That’s up for debate. But I say it’s better than registering for a set of dishes you’ll never use.

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