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Radio Guest List–Hotel Del Coronado, California–April 11, 2015

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del coronadoWith its red roofs and bright white exterior, situated just steps away from the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, Hotel Del Coronado looks like a set from a movie. In fact, it’s easily recognizable from several films—Some Like It Hot, The Stunt Man, and My Blue Heaven, to name a few.

Hotel Del Coronado is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort. It’s located on Coronado Island (which is actually a peninsula just across the San Diego Bay from the city of San Diego), and it’s the location of this week’s Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show.

Joining Peter this week are Casey Tanaka, Coronado mayor, who discusses literature; Chris Donovan, historian, who talks about Kate Morgan, the Del’s resident ghost; and Doug St. Denis, founder and co-executive director of the Coronado Island Film Festival, who piques our interest about a brand new film festival.

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Sally Ann Zoll, Chief Executive Officer of United Through Reading, explains what United Through Reading does to connect families who are separated due to military service and why this service inspires children to learn about the places that their parents are stationed.

Chris Donovan, Coronado Historian, tells Peter a ghost story, gives some background on the Del’s place in WWII history and learns that she and Peter love the same bookstore!

Casey Tanaka, Coronado Mayor, describes why Coronado is a great place to live, divulges what he’d be doing if he wasn’t the mayor, and explains why the bridge to San Diego has changed Coronado forever.

Meredith Manee, Chef de Cuisine at 1500 Ocean restaurant, tells us about the most surprising dish she serves at 1500 Ocean (a people pleasing fish) and what she’s doing to locally source delicious ingredients (we’re talking REALLY local)!

Terry Maxon, Staff Writer for The Dallas Morning News, talks about changes in the consumer groups airlines are vying for: business travelers.

“Gnarly” Neal, surf instructor and Coronado recreation authority, shares surf stories with Peter and explains why Coronado is the perfect place to learn to surf.

Dean Sivley, CEO of GroundLink, talks about the shared economy, self-regulation and how that’s affected the ground transportation industry.

Doug St. Denis, Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Coronado Island Film Festival, describes the process of putting a film festival together and explains why Coronado really needed one (and the Coronado community is behind it).

Mike Yeakle, Coronado Yacht Club Commodore, explains the “law of gross tonnage.” Then, he and Peter dive into a more serious topic: boating fatalities and what changes need to be made to make boating safer.

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