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Travel Tip: How to Ship Your Luggage to Your Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship HawaiiI’ve talked about how to ship your luggage to and from your hotel, but what about your cruise ship?

The shipping company Luggage Forward now has a program that lets you send your luggage to and from your cruise ship.

They’ve partnered with 40 different cruise lines, and can deliver luggage to 169 ports worldwide.

If for some reason your bags don’t arrive on time, they’ll refund your money and give you up to $500.

Specific cruise lines may also offer delivery. Princess Cruises has a Luggage Valet service that delivers your bags to your cabin and back home again via DHL.

Crystal Cruises has partnered with Luggage Concierge to have your bags delivered, covered by $5,000 insurance should something go wrong.

These services come at a cost, but when you factor in checked bag fees on airlines and the time saved, it may be worth it.

Just be aware that you may have to have your bags packed and ready to go at least a week before you depart for your cruise, so plan accordingly.

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