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Radio Guest List—L’Auberge Del Mar, California—March 28, 2015

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lauberge del marThis week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from  L’Auberge Del Mar in Del Mar, California. Standing on the ground of what was once the Stratford Inn, Jim Watkins purchased the property in 1985 and built L’Auberge to help restore the draw of Del Mar. Watkins joins us on the show to talk about the historic hotel’s legacy before being torn down in 1969 and why its reopening in 1989 was so important to the community.

Joining Peter this week is show regular Wall Street Journal Travel Editor Scott McCartney, who talks about why it’s a myth that your flight is canceled because it’s under booked. Also joining us is Lifeguard Chief Pat Vergne to talk about Del Mar’s beaches, their programs, and why he’s been serving his community for 34 years. All of this and more is on this week’s episode of Peter Greenberg Worldwide from L’Auberge Del Mar in Del Mar, Californa.

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Tammi Fuller, founder of Campowerment, talks about the joys of going to camp and the life lessons that we miss as adults. She has formed a camp specifically for women at several locations across the country that fosters both fun, healing, and learning.

Al Corti, Mayor of Del Mar, describes the importance of the train running through the village and how—even at only four square miles—Del Mar is a place worth seeing.

Jim Watkins, Del Mar resident of 44 years, delves into the history of the village. Bing Crosby built the race track and then brought all of his friends to the ‘party.’

Mike Cooney, Founder of Cooney World Adventures, tells the tale of his journey making sure his children were world citizens. He and his wife sold all of their possessions and took their kids on a six month trek around the world.

Brandon Fortune, Executive Chef of L’Auberge, hails from Atlanta and shares how he is applying his roots to create an upscale Southern Cuisine at L’Auberge’s Kitchen 1540.

Scott Tinley, celebrity triathlete and Iron Man Hall of Fame member, talks about the evolution of the Triathlon and how it simply grew from a love of sports.

Pat Vergne, Chief Lifeguard in Del Mar, dives into the history of the village’s beaches and the evolution of lifeguard training. He also gives details about the programs offered by the lifeguards and how the younger generation can help learn how to save lives.

Scott McCartney, Travel Editor for The Wall Street Journal, breaks down the real reasons your flights are being canceled.

Maidy Morhous, President Del Mar Art Center, expounds on the great artistic and creative community Del Mar and San Diego have to offer. She also shares where you can see some of her own works around the world, including New York and Hong Kong!

Terry Maxon, travel reporter for The Dallas Morning News, shares the latest buzz about gulf carriers.

By Darra Stone for PeterGreenberg.com