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Six Places Where You Can See Spring Flowers Bloom

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There’s nothing quite like seeing spring flowers blooming after a cold, brutal winter. While it’s nice to see flowers popping up in your backyard, if you really want to catch them in action, there are a few parks and festivals that might take your spring flower experience to the next level.

Poppies in California


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Doncram

Located in the town of Lancaster, Antelope Valley is famous among flower fans for its vibrant poppy reserve. According to the California Department of Parks and Recreation, the general wildflower season begins as early as February and runs through May. Lupine, goldfield, and cream cups are just a handful of the wildflower varieties that bloom during this season. The famous poppies, however, bloom with color between mid-March and mid-May, with peak viewing time typically during the middle of April. Relax on a bench along the trail, or sit at a picnic table and take in the sprawling color. Visitors can learn more, and check for bloom updates by visiting this link.

Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Anita Mishra

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Anita Mishra

Can’t make it to Japan to see the cherry blossoms? Don’t worry. Washington D.C. is the host of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. According to the festival’s website, average peak bloom time occurs around April 4th and can be seen along the Tidal Basin. Festivalgoers can walk, bike, and even take in the sites by water shuttle. Cherry blossom trees also bloom in East Potomac Park, and within the grounds of the Washington Monument grounds.

If D.C. is still too far, that’s not a problem. Gaze at the blooming branches from the comfort of your living room using the “Blossom Cam.”

Bluebonnets in Texas

Image Credit: Jeffrey Pang

Image Credit: Jeffrey Pang

Flower lovers cannot miss the picturesque Bluebonnet Trail during the months of March and April. Head over to the town of Ennis, Texas—home of the famous trail—to catch these beauties in full bloom. After you’ve wandered the paths of the blooming lupines, another name for the bluebonnet, make a stop at the famous Bluebonnet Trails Festival. Happening April 18-19, visitors can partake in crafts, listen to live music, and even purchase bluebonnet souvenirs to take home. Learn more and plan your visit here.

Wildflowers in Wyoming


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Apollomelos

Many of us have already ventured to see the sites of Yellowstone National Park, but have you gone during wildflower season? Peak season begins in June and sticks around until July. Hiking trails in the park are a great way to view the wildflowers in all their colorful glory. Cascade Lake Trail, Mount Washburn Trail, Yellowstone Lake, and the Yellowstone Picnic River Trail are just a few trails where you can take in the flowers and the wildlife.

You should know that colors and varieties of wildflowers vary depending on your location and elevation in the park. Alpine Forget-Me-Nots are found in moist soil and light shade. The Common Blue-Eyed Grass, however, are often seen populating the area around Old Faithful.

Plumeria in Hawaii

Image Credit: Forest & Kim Starr

Image Credit: Forest & Kim Starr

The Hawaiian Islands are stunning during any season of the year. As you probably know, Hawaii is recognized for its lush greenery and exotic flowers. If tropical blossoms tickle your fancy, a spring getaway to the islands might be worth your while.

The plumeria flower, a staple when we think of Hawaiian vegetation, can be seen nearly anywhere on all of the Hawaiian Islands. Ranging in color from bright white to hot pink, to a mixture of both, these flowers are known for their uniquely sweet scent that perfumes the everyday Hawaiian air. The peak period for plumeria viewing can be anywhere from April well into September. Despite their prevalence in nature, Hawaii’s many botanical gardens—such as the Koko Crater Botanical Garden on the island of O’ahu—provide an excellent platform for viewing some of nature’s beautiful buds.

Tulips in Oregon

Image Credit: Flickr User McD22

Image Credit: Flickr User McD22

March 25 through May 1 marks the annual Tulip Fest in the town of Woodburn, which is 45 short minutes from Portland. If you don’t have time to haul it to Holland for the world famous tulip festivals and displays, this little fest in the Pacific Northwest might be a suitable substitute.

The cost for admission ranges from $5 to $20 and boasts 40 acres of brightly colored blooming tulip bulbs for your ocular pleasure. Want more than just a picture to take home? The Tulip Fest offers visitors the chance to buy bulbs and cut flowers for future planting. Scope out the Tulip Fest website for more information on tulip viewing and other festival activities.

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