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Travel Tip: Is it Safe to Fly?

IMG_2161Is it safe to fly? As we look back on the past year, we’ve seen some horrific air disasters that would scare anyone from traveling. But let’s study the facts.

When they say flying is the safest form of travel, they’re not kidding. Statistically speaking, you have a 1 in 11 million chance of being killed in a plane crash.

Or to put it in other terms, you’re more likely to be killed by lightning or a snake bite.

Now, there are some airlines that don’t measure up to certain safety standards, which you can cross reference if you’re flying in a different country. The European Union maintains a list of airlines that are banned from operating in their airspace.

The International Air Transport Association has what’s called an Operational Safety Audit. So if your airline is NOT registered under IOSA, you might want to think twice about  boarding.

But the bottom line is that the statistics don’t lie. Approximately 100,000 flights land safely each and every day.

Don’t let fear stop you from taking to the skies. I know I’m not stopping anytime soon.

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