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Travel Tip: The Best Places for Street Food

Indian Street food, credit: Michelle LippOne of the best ways to explore local cultures is through food. But when it comes to eating street food, you need to go about it the smart way.

Not only is Singapore a melting pot of cuisines, but its hawker stalls are regulated for safety and cleanliness. Singapore’s National Environmental Agency oversees more than 100 markets and hawker centers.

You can explore the stalls on your own, or book a guided tour to maximize your time. Look for the Betel Box Hostel, where a guy named Tony Tan will show you around. Or, check out a company called Singapore Food Trail Adventures.

Did you know that Marrakesh in Morocco is a hotbed of street food? Just head to the central square to find hundreds of outdoor grills and stands.

These days, everyone talks about the gourmet food trucks rolling around New York.

But New York is one of the original street food cities, and those old-school carts are still there. Book a tour with Sidewalks of NY to explore all the local neighborhood street carts and small shops that have been around forever.

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