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Travel Tip: New Spins on Old Travel Gifts

hoodie pillowIt’s that time of year again. Time for some last-minute shopping for the traveler in your life. Even if you think they have everything, there are some new spins on old technology. Check out these travel gifts.

Every frequent flyer has a collection of neck pillows from well-meaning friends and family.

But there are some creative ones on the market, including one that’s part pillow, part hoodie. Sure, you’ll look a little ridiculous. But if it drowns out everything on the plane, why not?

A more traditional one that really works is the Cabeou Evolution Pillow, which uses memory foam to support your neck.

Every traveler could use a good carry-on bag. These come in all shapes and sizes. But one really innovative case is the High Altitude Flight Bag from Genius Pack.

It stores all your gadgets and magazines, and wraps around your airplane tray table to keep them within reach.

Or, why not upgrade old luggage affordably? Travel Tow makes an adapter for suitcase handles that rotates 360 degrees, making rolling suitcases easier to manage. Plus, a $14 Bag Bungee secures carry-on bags to your larger rolling case.

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