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Travel Tip: Where You Can Find Seasonal Winter Food

Locations in this article:  Portland, OR

Image Credit: Fred Hsu

You might think that the fall means the end of the growing season, but for some local delicacies, winter can be a really special time. Check out these seasonal winter food options.

Every year, West Coasters look forward to Dungeness crab season, which starts November 1 in California, and December 1 in Washington and Oregon.

You can find one of the largest concentrations of these crabs in Half Moon Bay, California, with local restaurants getting them straight from the fishing boats.

Winter is also high season for truffles—no, not just in Tuscany, but also in Oregon. They tend to peak in January, which is when you’ll find events like truffle hunting lessons, cooking classes, and truffle dinners in Portland and Eugene.

But, what’s gourmet food without wine?

In parts of Canada, certain types of white wine grapes are left to freeze on the vine before they’re harvested. It’s actually called ice wine.

To see how it’s done first hand, just head to colder regions like the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, where the whole area celebrates the January harvest with festivals, dinners, and tastings.

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