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Travel Tip: Find Serious Discounts at These New Hotel Booking Sites

hotelBooking a hotel used to be as easy as picking up the phone, and I’m still a big believer in that. But now there are some new hotel booking sites that can help you find a good deal.

A UK-­based site called Secret Escapes has deals as low as 70 percent off, IF you book about 10 days in advance.

If you’re not ready to make a commitment, you can pay to lock in that rate, which is credited if you don’t complete the booking.

Hotel Power gets you 20-70 percent off the regular rates.

Now, there is a catch—membership costs about $50 a year. But that comes with 5 percent cash back, and perks like free breakfast and room upgrades.

The site Stayful is all about boutique and independent properties. You bid on prices up to one month in advance, or pay the negotiated rate to book it immediately.

Now, remember what I said earlier? Once you find a great rate online, it never hurts to call the hotel to see if they can match the price, or better yet, beat it.

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