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Travel Tip: Donate Your Old Luggage to a Good Cause

SuitcasesMost frequent travelers are also luggage junkies. Meaning we have our old favorites, but also love to try out new stuff.

But what do you do when your suitcase has worn out its welcome? Throwing it away may be your last resort.

If your luggage is used but not broken, you can donate it!

Check out Suitcases for Kids, a non-profit that was started—amazingly—by a 10-year-old girl, to connect people with foster programs to donate their suitcases and bags.

Here’s why: Foster kids who are moving from one place to another often don’t have luggage to transport their belongings. They end up in plastic bags or trash bags.

Women’s organizations and homeless shelters are other places that can often use those items.

Local chapters of Goodwill and AAA often partner up to offer vouchers in exchange for your used luggage.

If your old luggage is too far gone to donate, there are some creative ways to keep it out of the landfill. An old suitcase can easily be converted into a dog bed, a toy box, or a sewing kits. Martha Stewart will have nothing on you…

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