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Travel Tip: Earning Frequent Flyer Miles on Mileage Runs

airplaneWe’re approaching the year’s end, and traditionally, for frequent flyers, that means one thing: mileage runs.

The idea is to fly long distances in order to accrue miles before your loyalty program’s calendar year is over. But things are changing.

What mileage junkies counted on was the availability of cheap, long-distance tickets. The farther they flew, the more miles they collected. Sometimes they would just land at the airport and turn right back around.

Now, they may have to work a little harder.

Delta and United require that you spend a minimum amount of dollars to collect miles. Starting next year, redeemable miles will be earned based on how much you spend, not how far you fly.

Those long-distance, last-minute trips will only make sense if your only goal is to reach the next level of qualifying miles to achieve elite status.

Confused yet? My advice is not to get trapped in the game in the first place. If you’re really set on earning miles, do it on the ground, with a credit card. But good luck redeeming them!

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