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Travel Tip: How You Can Help Others While You’re Traveling

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homegirlIf you’ve ever seen poverty up close while traveling, you might be inspired to help. Here’s how you can help others while you’re traveling.

One of the least effective things you can do is hand out money to people on the street. Your money can go further if you spend it in places that are doing relevant work.

In Southeast Asia, an organization called Friends International sets up businesses that employ at-risk youth. Restaurants, hotels, and spas give young people hands-on learning experiences.

Closer to home, Café Reconcile in New Orleans and Homegirl Café in Los Angeles have similar training programs for at-risk youth.

Shopping is another way you can spend your money in the right places. In South Africa, look for the Fair Trade label in local shops. That means there are certain standards of sustainability, wages, and living conditions for the people who make those products.

Plus, keep your eyes open for Oxfam shops around the globe. These guys sell everything from Fair Trade products to hand-crafted goods made in local villages…so you know your money is going to support those who need it most.

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