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Travel Tip: How to Travel Solo and Avoid Supplemental Fees

solo travelIf there’s one area where the industry really likes to nail people, it’s the dreaded single-supplement fee. The logic is that if you travel solo, you’re spending for one but taking up space for two.

But some companies are finally seeing the value of solo travelers.

Country Walkers, which leads group walking tours everywhere from Washington to China, is waiving the single supplement fee for its 2015 trips. But jump on it; this deal won’t last long.

You can find these promotions during the low season—like Africa in summer. Between November and March, Wilderness Safaris drops rates and knocks off the single-supplement fee at camps in South Africa, Botswana, and more.

Uniworld is either reducing or waiving the extra fee on many of its European river cruises this year and next. Why? Because they realized that about 10 percent of their clientele was traveling solo, so it made sense.

Even if your tour operator doesn’t officially waive the fee, it’s worth it to call and ask. If they’re not sold out, or have another solo traveler signed up, you might end up saving hundreds of dollars by avoiding that fee.

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