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Radio Guest List—Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower, Paris, France—September 27, 2014

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Just steps away from the Eiffel Tower, the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower has a prime location. Located within view of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, the newly renovated hotel offers easy access to many of the most notable parts of the French city. Joining us this week in Paris is the Chairman and CEO of Air France, who discusses the airline’s business class and its vast improvements (including lay-flat seats and a new menu). Then we talk with Bruno Matheu, the Chief Officer of Long Haul Passenger Activity, who talks about the best flight routes that you would not expect. We also talk with Air France’s CEO, Alexander de Juniac, about the vast improvements to its business class and the features flyers most enjoy.

Then, joining us at the hotel is Andrew Wigger, a Californian chef who recently moved to Paris to help the Frame restaurant develop its signature French-Californian infusion cuisine. He’s been missing Mexican food so much, he’s brought his own style of tacos to the menu! Check out all of this and more when we broadcast this week from the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower.

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Andrew Wigger, executive chef of Frame restaurant, digs into the California influences at the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower’s restaurant and how their garden makes them farm-to-table. Then he talks about the surprise on the roof (bees!), and how they use the honey in the restaurant and as gifts.

Blaise Mautin, perfumer, explains how to create signature scents for hotels. Over the last few years, the chemistry behind extracting essential oils has changed. He also dives into why using the hotel’s lotions can be good for your health.

Catherine Down, Assistant Editor of Paris by Mouth, breaks down the differences between cheese in Paris compared to cheese in the United States. She also discusses life as an expat in Paris and how different it is to do small things, such as grocery shopping, in France.

Rebecca Tillet, assistant bar manager and wine lover, talks about what led her to the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower and the process behind creating red and white wines.

Bruno Matheu, chief officer of Long Haul Passenger Activity at Air France, tells us about flight routes you wouldn’t expect. Then he shares some of his favorite routes, where he would personally love to visit, and how airplane landings at St. Martin’s are a site to behold.

Alexander de Juniac, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Air France, discusses a $13 billion joint venture with Delta, as well as Air France’s rapidly improving business class.

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