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Travel Tip: How to Catch Fall Foliage at the Right Time

leavesThere are lots of places around the country where you can catch fall foliage, but the key is to go at the right time.

Otherwise, you might end up taking photos of trees that are still bright green, or ones without any leaves left on the branches!

One of your first resources should be They’ve got a map that shows current color conditions in specific regions—which is important, because the leaves in northern Vermont will change at a different time than Western Pennsylvania.

Every fall, the U.S. Forest Service provides foliage updates in our national forests.

The Department of Agriculture even has a fall foliage hotline that you can call for weekly updates.

The Foliage Network puts up foliage reports every few days, from September to early November, covering the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast.

They also have live webcams in certain areas so you can see the conditions for yourself.

Plus, you can even get information in real time while you’re on the road. The Leaf Peepr app is all based on user-generated reports, and the information is averaged out to give you a good idea of where to find the peak colors.

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