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Travel Tip: Short Haul Train Trips You Can Take Around North America

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amtrakYou’ve heard me talk about the lost art of train travel. But not everyone can spend several days on a train, which is why it’s worth taking a test drive on short-haul train trips.

One of the best-kept secrets in Canada is VIA Rail’s Ocean line. It’s an overnight trip that departs Montreal at night and arrives in Halifax the following evening.

That’s just enough time to eat, sleep, and take in the scenery.

Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner is one of my favorite rides: just 4 hours to get from Los Angeles to San Diego, and it’s a lot less stressful than driving the same route.

Ask most frequent travelers how to get from New York to Atlanta, and they’ll say, “Fly Delta.” But they’re wrong: The Crescent Train connects those two cities in under a day.

If you really want a really special experience, you can ride on a private rail that’s hitched to a regular Amtrak route. We’re talking really old-school train cars, and even your own personal chef on board. You’ll never want to travel any other way after this kind of experience.

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