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Travel Tip: Avoid Motion Sickness With These Tricks

motion sicknessIf there’s one thing that makes people dread travel, it’s getting sick in a moving vehicle. Motion sickness is a real issue, but there are some ways around it.

The science behind it is that your eyes and inner ears receive conflicting information about your position.

That’s why the age-old advice is to look at the horizon, to give your brain stabilizing information.

But don’t look at the horizon from inside. You need to get out onto the deck, or open the car window, for maximum effect.

Don’t bother carrying around ginger-flavored candy or gum. It’s best eaten raw or in a powered capsule, and take it as soon as you feel the symptoms.

Motion sickness wristbands may sound like a gimmick, but a lot of people find them very effective. They target a certain pressure point in your wrist that can reduce nausea.

Over-the-counter meds can help—a lot—but side effects can be just as debilitating, including sleepiness and dizziness. So talk to your doctor and never, ever take them if you’re the one behind the wheel.

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