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Travel Tip: No ID at the Airport? No Problem!

tsaEver gotten to the airport only to realize you left your driver’s license in your other wallet? Turns out, not having a photo ID at the airport isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker.

Although airport security is strict, the TSA does have methods of proving your identity, even if you don’t have a picture ID on hand.

Alert the security agent of the problem and—here’s a little advice—be nice about it. This isn’t the time or place to get argumentative.

Then, you’ll most likely have to sign an authorization form. The TSA will ask you a lot of questions to confirm your identity.

They may ask for any other type of photo identification, like a work ID. Or, they may ask for documents with your name on it, like a bill or a magazine subscription.

They also may rely on public databases like Lexis-Nexis, and might even look at your home address on Google Earth and then ask you to describe it.

You may have to undergo additional screening, like an enhanced pat down or swabbing. But if they can confirm you are who you say you are, they’ll most likely let you through.

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