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Travel Tip: How Preventive Care Helps You Save

CDC-LogoSo many of us take decent care of ourselves at home—diet, vitamins, going to the doctor, etc.

But when we travel, good habits and preventive care tend to take a back seat. Well, now there are some hard numbers that might get you motivated.

According to the CDC Foundation, which helps support the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, getting sick or injured when you travel is far more expensive than avoiding it in the first place.

Traveling to a malaria-prone nation? Preventive medicine costs about $160. Being hospitalized could cost over $25,000. The hepatitis A vaccine is about $200, while treatment is about $2,000.

A medical emergency can cost tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in evacuation, repatriation, and treatment. The cost of insurance and medical evacuation coverage to protect your out-of-pocket costs? About a couple hundred bucks.

See a doctor BEFORE you travel, not after you get sick.

Consult the CDC’s Yellow Book. It’s a great resource to learn about endemic diseases, self-treatable illnesses, and the basics of medical coverage.

After all, an apple a day won’t keep the doctor away, but an ounce of prevention…well, you know the rest.

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