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Daily Scoop: Big Dipper Ice Cream in Missoula, MT

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bigdipperBig Dipper Ice Cream

Missoula, Montana

Big Dipper Ice Cream has been getting attention within Montana and around the country since 1995.

What they’re most known for are their unique flavors.

While they carry favorites like Bubblegum and Green Tea, they also carry Huckleberry, Coconut, and Mocha Chip.

Sound too tame for you? There’s also Cardamom, Salvador Coffee, Maple Walnut, Mexican Chocolate, and Black Licorice.

Or, you can try one of the daily specials, like Cayenne Caramel.

Sometimes there are even flavors designed specifically for holidays like Freedom Ice Cream for the Fourth of July.

This unique treat included Apple Pie Pop-Tart Ice Cream with diced apple slices and Pop-Tarts.

In addition to ice cream, you can also get shakes and sundaes like the Starship Banana or Dusty Dale.

Big Dipper has become so popular that there is now a second shop in Helena, Montana and an ice cream truck named Coneboy.

But, if you can’t make it out to Montana to try flavors like White Mint Oreo, you can always buy pints of ice cream online.

Check out other ice cream shops around the country that you can visit for National Ice Cream Month.

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