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Daily Scoop: Thomas Sweet in Washington, D.C.

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Thomas Sweet Ice CreamThomas Sweet

Washington, D.C. 

Located in the heart of Washington D.C., Thomas Sweet is a patriotic ice cream shop unlike any other in the country.

From the moment its doors first opened back in the 70s, this ice cream parlor has been a hangout spot for both families and heads of state.

Do not be surprised if you see some politicians indulging in these desserts. In fact, much of the hype around Thomas Sweet has to do with the frequent visits by the Obama family.

This shop offers over 40 unique flavors, including some community favorites  like Coffee Heath Bar and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

This place is super popular, so be prepared to wait in line, but know that it is totally worth it.

In addition to serving heavenly ice cream,  Thomas Sweet sells homemade fudges and gelato.

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By Benjamin Louis Gluck with Lavinia Pisani for



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