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5 Gadgets You Need for the Fourth of July

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With the Fourth of July right around the corner, now is the time to prepare for the holiday, ensuring that your long weekend is as perfect as possible. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just across the street, these gadgets are sure to transform your standard barbecue into an extraordinary celebration of the birth of America. Follow these five steps to guarantee a great time!

Step One: Sit


No matter where you decide to celebrate, whether in a public park or in your neighbor’s backyard, it is always nice to lay down a blanket and claim a spot in the grass. Forget about throwing down a bed sheet. Instead, sit in style on this high-tech, comfy picnic accessory. Spinning Hat’s Speaker Picnic Blanket  has revolutionized the outdoor eating experience, adding some much needed rhythm to any family picnic.

This ingenious product combines a battery powered music system with a stylish, easy-to-transport picnic blanket. With a waterproof backing, the musical rug will keep you dry and entertained throughout the your entire July 4th celebration.

Step Two: Drink


Once you’ve selected your spot on the lawn and have tended to the children as needed, you will have earned some time to chill out, relax, and enjoy that nice bottle of wine you bought for the occasion. Luckily for us all, drinking on the go is now easier than ever before.

With the Classic Deluxe Wine Carrier, you can enjoy your favorite wine no matter where you are. This swanky mesh bag, although appearing like your average over-the-shoulder tote, does way more than meets the eye.

Once you lay this sucker down, unzip it and unfold it, and this luggage-looking accessory reveals itself as the perfect wine carrier. With an elastic wine-bottle pouch, a place to store some glasses, and even a spot for a corkscrew and stopper, this bag is an excellent addition to any Fourth of July celebration.

Step Three: Talk


Depending on your destination, large crowds can be a serious issue. Now, with the help of these genius gizmos, staying in touch and keeping track of the children is as simple as wearing a watch.

AGPtek’s Watch Walkie Talkie is the newest, most modern approach to engaging in personal two-way communication. Lightweight, compact, and semi-stylish, these watches go beyond telling the time, providing their users with a guaranteed way of staying in touch.

Even with a loss of cell phone service, these nifty gadgets are guaranteed to work and will provide the peace of mind necessary for truly enjoying any July 4th function.

Step Four: Grill


Buy plenty of burgers and buns because this little gadget will have your whole group hungry for more. It is a well known fact that no Fourth of July weekend is complete without some tasty hamburgers and hot dogs. No matter where you decide to celebrate, you will be happy to have this portable, fast starting Cuisinart Tabletop Gas Grill.

To the untrained eye, this grill looks like nothing more than a red metal box. But when it is placed on the ground with its legs unfolded, this lunchbox lookalike becomes the perfect addition to any outdoor event. It is a cinch to set up and even easier to clean. Take this practical grill with you this holiday weekend to guarantee that your July 4th celebrations are flavorful, yet simple to prepare.

Step Five: Watch


As your day comes to an end and the sun starts to set, one thing is for sure: the fireworks are on their way. No Fourth of July jamboree is complete without a beautiful firework show to cap off the night.

Do not settle for watching the show from a distance. Rather, watch them the right way with Pentax Zoom Binoculars. These binoculars will take your viewing experience to a whole new level and transform the ways you envision the sparkles behind the boom. Bring a pair with you this weekend to finally know what it is like to have eyes in the sky.

So, there you have it. You can now rest easy knowing the formula for a Fourth of July celebration that will be the best on the block. With these gadgets by your side, there is no way you won’t enjoy your much desired, well-deserved long weekend. These awesome accessories will truly revolutionize the way you show off your American spirit.

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