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Travel Tip: Where to Find Edgy Airport Art in America

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baseballThe airport is just about the last place you expect to get your culture fix. But surprisingly, some U.S. airports are stepping up their art exhibitions. Here’s how you can find some truly unique airport art.

At Denver International Airport, artist Raelee Frazier  creates bronze casts of hands, usually of public figures…including yours truly! This month the Show of Hands exhibit is showcasing baseball legends and quarterback John Elway.

No one could miss the 32-foot blue Mustang outside the airport—it’s a fiberglass sculpture of the horse, not the car.

O’Hare Airport has a whole collection of public art, including a kinetic light sculpture by artist Michael Hayden. The work is an entire mile long, made of over 450 neon tubes.

LAX in Los Angeles has actually partnered with the L.A. Department of Cultural Affairs, showcasing contemporary art all throughout the airport.

One very cool one is in Terminal 3, where an installation called Elevate features hundreds of origami airplanes.

Philadelphia’s airport is all about celebrating the city and its local artists—everywhere from the airport terminals to baggage claim.

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