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Travel Tip: How To Go Gem Hunting in the US

diamondDid you hear about the guy who dug up a 6.19-carat diamond at a state park? Gem hunting is not as rare as you might think, and it’s something you can do as well.

There are countries around the world associated with precious stones, like opals in Australia and rubies in Myanmar.

But there are also spots right here in the U.S. where you can hunt for stones.

Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is where the recent diamond was found, and it’s entirely open to the public. You can dig not only for diamonds, but also other minerals like amethyst and garnet.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are known for producing gemstones, so you can find rubies, sapphires in mines around the town of Franklin, North Carolina, and Emerald Hollow Mine outside of Asheville.

Of course, there are the Rocky Mountains, where rockhounding is allowed on public lands. You won’t get rich, but people have unearthed some really incredible rocks and crystals throughout the state.

New Mexico is another hotspot, where even beginners can come away with turquoise and other minerals.

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