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Travel Tip: How To Fix a Broken Suitcase

suitcase-topOne of the most aggravating problems on the road is a broken suitcase. If you haven’t budgeted for new, last-minute luggage, there are some quick tips to get you through.

If a seam rips and duct tape isn’t doing the trick, ask the gate agent or go to a drugstore for…garbage bags! Covering your case will get you from point A to point B without your items spilling everywhere.

Broken wheels are another common hassle. Your warranty might cover this, so call the manufacturer first.

Depending on the suitcase, you may be able to replace the wheels with in-line skate wheels—as in, from a sporting goods store.

Otherwise, you can order replacement kits online, for both in-line and spinner-type wheels.

Then there’s the age-old problem of broken zippers. A local shoe repair shop may be able to fix it for you on the spot.

If the zipper is stuck on something, try a wax-based lubricant.  If the whole thing separates, a pair of pliers can reconnect the zipper pull with the teeth.

Or, just invest in a box of sturdy safety pins to get you through the day.

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