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Radio Guest List–Avalon, Santa Catalina Island–May 17, 2014

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avalonSanta Catalina Island isn’t far off the Southern California coast, but the experience when you visit feels like it’s light years away. Twenty-one miles long and only a half-mile at its narrowest, Catalina packs a big environmental punch into this small space. There are 60 different types of plants, animals, and insects that can’t be found anywhere else.

One of the many unique facts we’ll learn on this radio show is that one of Avalon’s most iconic buildings, the Casino Ballroom, isn’t a casino at all. The word is Italian for gathering place and William Wrigley, Jr., former owner of the entire island, wanted this to be a place where residents and visitors alike could meet and enjoy cultural activities.

This week, Peter Greenberg will broadcast from the Pavilion Hotel in Avalon on Catalina Island on May 17, 2014. Listen in as he interviews Alison Wrigley Russack, owner of Rusack Wineries and great-granddaughter of William Wrigley, Jr., who bought the Santa Catalina Island Company in 1919. She’ll chat live with Peter about wine on the island, and the many developments happening that are attracting a new generation of visitors.

You can also listen as Peter interviews Greg Bombard, the President of Catalina Express, which is the most popular way to get to the island. Read on for the full guest list for this week’s radio show, and see all there is to do and see on this island that’s only 22 miles from the mainland, but feels like it’s a world away.

Click here to listen to the show streaming live from 10 am until 1 pm ET on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

Call in with your travel questions at 1-888-88-PETER (1-888-887-3837) or email (Write “ASK PETER” in the subject line)

Chuck Liddell, Catalina Island’s resident greeter and life-long resident, shares the ins and outs of the places visitors need to check out when coming to the island.

Greg Bombard, President of Catalina Express, talks with Peter about one of his passions – boats! From high-speed boats to what to do once you are on the island, there’s lot to learn from this interesting guest.

Scott Dennis , Catalina Island Conservancy Jeep Eco Tour Program Manager, discusses all there is to do outside of Avalon in the interior of the island. From the many unique plants and terrain visitors encounter, to the history behind Catalina’s bison herd, he’s got the history of the land.

Robert Kennedy, former mayor of Avalon and President of Catalina Scuba Luv, discusses the development taking place in Avalon as well as the unique challenges of managing a resort town on an island. He also gives the inside scoop on the diving culture of this popular underwater destination.

Brian Bray, Harbor Master for the City of Avalon, discusses the popular Avalon Harbor and all things boats.

Michael De Marsche, Executive Director of the Catalina Island Museum, discusses the many exciting changes happening at the museum as well as their outstanding permanent collection related to the 8,000 years of human settlement on Catalina Island. He also shares fun tidbits about Catalina history and the stars who frequented Catalina in years past.