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Travel Tip: Where To Find the Cheapest Airfare

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AirportThe numbers are out and—no surprise here—airfare is going up. But it’s not as bad as you might think, and some airports rank better than others. Here’s how you can find the cheapest airfare.

The U.S. Department of Transportation looked at airfare in late 2013. Compared to the same time the previous year, airfare went up a whopping $1. The national average was $381.

How much you pay for a ticket depends on where you’re flying…FROM.

Long Beach, California, reported the lowest average airfare of $249. Southern California also has the third cheapest airport: Burbank.

So, depending on your route, either one could be a much better option than LAX, where the average airfare was $414.

Flying from Miami? The average airfare there was $385. You might be better off at the airport with the fourth-lowest fares in the country: Fort Lauderdale.

Everyone associates Dallas with DFW airport, but a great alternative is Dallas Love, where fares averaged only $291.

Those of you in Huntsville, Alabama, have some bad luck: Airfare there was the highest average in the country, at $528. But nearby Birmingham is a little better, at $421.

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