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Peter Greenberg Worldwide–Hotel Le Bristol–April 26, 2014

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Le_Bristol_ParisPeter has had a long standing love affair with Paris. A flirtation that in recent years continues to be fulfilled every time he goes. The food, the history, the fashion, and yes, the hospitality. One shining example of that is Hotel Le Bristol. It opened in 1925, and has had a long history of welcoming the rich, the famous, and Peter. They all feel special, and with good reason. The hotel — and its staff — are special. Want to relive Midnight in Paris? — it’s the Bristol. Want to be just feet away from the French presidential palace? It’s the Bristol.

This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide is broadcasting from the hotel, with interviews ranging from Deborah Anthony, who brings us into the world of French architecture (and specifically the bedroom), to mixologist Maxime Hoerth and the history of the limited edition Champagne Cocktail 365.Want a tour to the forbidden Catacombs underneath the city? We’ll learn about what really lurks beneath Paris on tours anyone can take, if you just know who to ask. And, as always, we’re taking your questions and solving some of your worst travel problems.

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Check out this week’s guest list, listen to the latest all-local podcast, and stream the full show below.

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