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A Global Editor’s Top Paris Restaurants

Locations in this article:  Paris, France

Paris is a city known for its history, artistic icons and, of course, its food. But finding the perfect Parisian restaurant can be a challenge. With so much to do in Paris, it can be difficult to narrow down the must-eat places. Peter Greenberg recently sat down with Ellen Hardy (Global Editor of Time Out) and discussed their top Paris restaurants, particularly the ones that can make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Want to hear more? Check out her interview on Peter’s Travel Today podcast.

Le Petit Fer a Cheval


Le Petit Fer a Cheval, also known as The Little Horseshoe, gets its name from the horseshoe-shaped bar. This little cafe is tucked away in the Marais and is known for its friendly atmosphere. According to Hardy, this hidden gem is everything you would think of when eating in Paris. Patrons love to sit at the soft brown marble countertops with a glass of wine to enjoy the great people watching. Some of Chef Pierre Beco’s most well-known dishes are steak tartare, duck confit, and the tarte tatin. Vegetarians can also savor a bright salad with generous amounts of cheese.

Le Train Bleu

 train bleu

Le Train Bleu is a more well-known restaurant that was built during the Universal Exhibition in 1900. The restaurant is known for the 41 paintings covering its walls and ceiling with wood paneling, making you feel like you’re dining in the 1900’s. The restaurant has three different menus to choose from, depending on whether you’d prefer a la carte or a three-course meal. Some options for starters include shrimp in aspic with crab in an avocado emulsion with coconut milk, or baked scallop with grilled leeks and creamed sea-urchin tongues. Diners can choose from main dishes such as a filet of scorpion fish and large prawn à la plancha, with saffron-sprinkled mashed potatoes and creamed sea urchin corals, or grilled heart of filet of beef with marrowbone and melted shallots à la bordelais with sautéed potatoes. But, if you’d prefer to skip the main dish and head straight for the dessert, go for the pistachio and orange crème brulee, which is the most popular item on the menu.

Brasserie Lipp

brasserie lipp

Brasserie Lipp is one of Peter’s favorite restaurants in the City of Lights. The restaurant has photos of some of its most famous patrons, including Pablo Picasso, Jack Nicholson, and elite Parisians. Like most Paris restaurants, Brasserie Lipp is an institution for locals and does not take reservations for dinner. According to Yelpers, the wait staff will make helpful suggestions and crack jokes to make visitors feel at ease. On the menu, you’ll find traditional dishes, such as fresh oysters, escargot, roasted chicken, and steak tartare. But you’ll also be able to find creative dishes like pork leg with smoked lentils and pig trotters stuffed with foie gras.

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