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Travel Tip: How To Fly On A Private Jet

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Ever JetSuiteEditionCJ3_Air-14thought you could catch a ride on a private jet? Turns out, you don’t have to be a millionaire to make it happen. Here’s how to fly on a private jet.

The trick is to look for an “empty leg” on a charter flight.

An empty leg is when a private jet flies without passengers—say it’s returning to its home airport after dropping off business travelers.

Instead of flying totally empty, they sell those seats, usually at a discount.

JetSuite flies Embraer and Citation jets to more than 2,000 airports. Every day, they release last-minute flight deals on Facebook and Twitter.

Prices start at $536 each way—that’s per aircraft, not per person. So, if you can get three friends and a 4-passenger plane, you’ve got a great deal.

Magellan Jets updates its list of available flights in real-time, and usually provides a window, so you have a day or two to plan.

Now, there is some fine print: You have to be flexible and willing to fly to and from smaller airports. Plus, if the charter flight is canceled, you’re out of luck.

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