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Hidden Gems of Jamaica

Meet the People: Hidden Gems of Jamaica

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Hidden_Gem_JamaicaA majority of the tourists that come to Jamaica end up landing in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios or Negril, and may never leave the resort. But if you want to experience Jamaica like the locals, then you’ve got to meet the people.

In Port Antonio (or “Porty”), you’ll find great beaches, great service, great food, and no crowds. But, that’s just the start. If you’re interested in art, music, or any sort of culture, just ask the Jamaican tourism board. Yes, you read that right.

They have an innovative program called Meet the People that actually pairs you with a local artist, artisan, chef, or craftsman so you can share their skill.

If you want to taste authentic, modern Jamaican food, Meet the People matches you with the Rousseau sisters. Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau are former Kingston restaurateurs, who rent a villa just a few feet away from Porty’s Blue Lagoon—the same watering hole immortalized in several major Hollywood films. But, it’s not about the history, it’s all about the food. Their guests get a real education in contemporary Jamaican cuisine.

Check out their creations in Peter’s final Hidden Gems experience.

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