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Travel Tip: Watch Out For This Hotel Scam

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Some hotel Abritravel scams are tried-and true—whether it’s cabbies taking the long route and speeding off with your luggage, or cashiers shortchanging your foreign currency. But travelers need to be on high alert for a new hotel scam that’s out there.

The Better Business Bureau has confirmed it: Scammers are calling up hotel guests claiming to be hotel employees. They say they’ve had trouble processing your credit card, or that their computer system has crashed. So you, of course, need to provide them with your number again.

But here’s the tricky part: they often call late at night or early in the morning. They’re counting on the fact that most people will be too tired to come downstairs, and will just give out their number over the phone.

Those scammers are even upping the ante by offering a discount for your troubles. There have been reports of this happening all around the country. So be wary, ask if you can call them back, and then call down to the front desk to confirm that someone called you. Or better yet, go downstairs to the front desk in person.

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