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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Israel: The Royal Tour

Locations in this article:  Jerusalem, Israel

Israel_NetanyahuLast night, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the Los Angeles premiere of Israel: The Royal Tour. These were his opening remarks.

Israel has a heart. You’ll see there are many facets of Israel that will be represented in Israel: The Royal Tour, but I think the most important one is that Israel is a country with a purpose. It’s a beautiful country, but it’s not just another pretty face.

NetanyahuIt’s a country with a purpose. That purpose was enshrined and forged almost 4,000 years ago when Abraham came to the land of Israel. And then through a torturous history, they built our nation, lost it. And then did something that no other nation in history did…that is we decided to come back to our land and bring ourselves back to life.

This is a stellar achievement. Israel has remarkable achievements, and we will see some of them in Israel: The Royal Tour. You will see a pill that goes through your digestive system that tells you what your problems are. You will see a paraplegic getting up and walking. You’ll see many other things. You’ll see people having fun, you’ll see the economy, you’ll see tourism. You’ll see places of a wondrous past.

But the greatest achievement that Israel has is that it has defied the laws of history. We were left for dead. We came back to life. And we’re going to stay in our land, very strong, very robust, very secure, and very inviting. We want as many millions of tourists as we can bring to the country.

Once again, we want to thank all those who participated in making this film. Thank you again to Peter and your fantastic crew. To everyone who put forth such a good spirit. And I think your spirit was in many ways reflecting of the spirit of the people of Israel. Everywhere we went, everyone we talked to was were so gracious and so warm and so responsive. I hope that the true spirit of Israel, the true meaning of Israel and the true purpose of the state of Israel will come forth in this television show.