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Radio Guest List – The Queen Mary – March 1, 2014

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Are you tired of waiting for a response from customer service? Peter talks with Hugo Martin of the Los Angeles Times about the power of social media and how to get an airline’s attention. They also discuss why airline complaints dropped by 14 percent in 2013 and where customer service has actually improved.

Are you tired of cheesy recreations and kitschy tourist traps? John Thomas, The Queen Mary‘s restoration expert, talks about how his team painstakingly restored the original elegance of the historic ship. It’s not an easy task to refurbish a ship that took her maiden voyage in 1936, especially when some guests want to steal parts of history. Then, Peter talks with the ship’s honorary commodore, Everette Hoard, who explains the early days of The Queen Mary and her role in WWII.

Listen in as Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts this week from The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Click here to listen to the show streaming live from 10 am until 1 pm ET on Saturday, March 1, 2014.

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Featured guests incldue:

Hugo Martin, business writer for the Los Angeles Times, discusses the power of social media and the best way to get a customer service response from an airline.

George Hobica, founder of, breaks down how to get refunds on ‘nonrefundable’ tickets.

John Thomas, preservation expert for the Queen Mary, details restoring the Queen Mary to her original beauty and the historical process.

Michael DuRee, Long Beach fire chief, discusses the history of fire control in Long Beach and how firefighters know the best places to eat around town.

Gerrie Schipske, councilwoman and author of Rosie the Riveter in Long Beach and Early Aviation in Long Beach, talks about the aviation history of Long Beach and what keeps her in the area.

Everette Hoard, the Queen Mary’s honorary commodore, gives an account of The Queen Mary’s history.

Michael O’Toole, owner of the Gondola Getaway, describes his business and its aim toward an authentic Italian experience in Long Beach.



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