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Rent the Dream: 6 Family Vacation Rentals to Brag About

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Rent A Fabulous Yacht

Sailboat Rental 2

Someone stole my heart this summer, a 43 foot tartan sailboat, or I should say “yacht.” I’m happy any time I’m on the ocean, and sailing is one of my favorite summertime activities. But I know my husband has no desire to own, let alone captain, a sailboat. We compromised with a sailboat rental from Blue Pacific Yachting. You can rent boats with or without a captain (we rented a captain as we’re too chicken and unskilled to risk doing it ourselves) for as little as a half day or as long as a month.

They have approximately 30 different types of yachts to choose from, from 23-72 feet in size. Our four-hour rental (complete with aforementioned captain) through Blue Pacific cost just under $1,100 a day but, if you invite a few friends along and ask them to chip in, it becomes a reasonable splurge that will make you feel like a million bucks.

For this family, a rental makes sense. There aren’t a lot of companies that will let you take a half million-dollar item out for a spin. I called Tiffany’s, they said “No.” So, I called Blue Pacific Yachting, and they said “Sure, come on down.” Heaven.

Our gorgeous, 43-foot yacht rental with Blue Pacific Boating cost $1,100 for four hours, complete with captain. You can book yachts from 32-50 feet, with prices starting at $200 for a half day on a 34-foot yacht.

Rent or own? Easy, rent. To own a boat similar to the one we sailed on would cost approximately half a million (I found a model to buy online for $495,000) but then I’d have to pay docking fees of $1,000 a month and insure it for around $3,000. That doesn’t include sails, ropes, technical gadgets, or general fees to be maintained. No thanks!

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