Rent the Dream: 6 Family Vacation Rentals to Brag About

Locations in this article:  San Francisco, CA San Luis Obispo, CA

Sailboat Rental 2With the goal of working her way through a seemingly never-ending bucket list, family travel contributor Margot Black set about renting the dream. From the luxurious (think yachts) to the wacky (think lighthouse) to the weird (VW camper),  follow along as she explores six family vacation rental adventures.

There aren’t many opportunities in this life to be handed the keys to a super fun luxury toy worth a couple million bucks but, if you rent a yacht for a few days, that’s precisely what happens. Move over Simon Cowell!

If, like me and most of the universe, you were born without a billionaire’s trust fund to bankroll your travel adventures but still nurture an insatiable wanderlust, then renting instead of buying is the next best option.

The requirements for our rental challenge were this: it had to be something we yearned to experience but hadn’t had the opportunity to do so before now, kid friendly (so our 5-year-old could also enjoy them), and not so out there that we’d need six weeks of boot camp, vaccinations, or expensive accessories that would be used only once.

We found six family rental adventures that tickled all our collective fantasies – a houseboat, a stay on a working farm, a lighthouse vacation, a VW van road trip, an experience driving ATVs, and a half day sailing. For pure escapism, joy, and life experience, it doesn’t get any better than that (and guess what, the insurance is cheaper too). Click more to see just what happened…