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Travel Tip: Your Frequent Flyer Miles Are Being Devalued

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empty seats American AirlinesFor years, Peter has said frequent flyer miles are becoming more difficult to redeem. Now, the airlines are devaluing your loyalty points even further. Literally. That’s because the airlines are flying more full than ever. So, why would the airlines release a seat for 25,000 miles when they could sell it for revenue?

Starting in late March, Southwest will require 70 Southwest Points for every dollar to purchase the cheapest ticket—the Wanna Get Away fares. It used to be 60 points to the dollar, so you’ve lost about 15 percent value.

Delta’s new values will change in February and again in June. Depending on the route, first and business class passengers will have to spend additional Delta SkyMiles to redeem seats…sometimes as much as 25 percent more!

As of February, United’s economy passengers will use more miles on popular routes, like from the mainland U.S. to Alaska and Hawaii. In business class, mileage requirements are going up all over the board. Not only that, but you’ll have to use even MORE miles to redeem United miles on Star Alliance partner airlines.

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