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Radio Guest List – Soho Grand Hotel – January 25, 2014

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If you thought Richard Branson had high-flying adventures, wait until you hear what his mother has to say! Find out when Peter sits down with Eve Branson–mother, philanthropist, and now author of a new memoir. Plus, the long-overlooked travel agent is going Off Broadway with the premiere of Craving for Travel, a comedy written by a travel agent with a story to tell.

And, we’ll learn about a New York City hotel that doesn’t just have a rooftop farm but a new whiskey bar with a dizzying number of labels–not single malts from Scotland, but home-grown American whiskey. Find out more when Peter broadcasts from the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City.

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Guy Michlin, CEO and co-founder of the new website marketplace, explains how his new “alternative restaurant” service allows you to eat in the home of a local in over 25 countries and counting.

Richard Farnabe, executive chef at the Soho Grand Hotel, talks about dining trends in Manhattan and why he’s most excited about the new plans for a rooftop farm, set to open at the hotel later this year.

Ray Pirckle, food and beverage director at GrandLife, talks whiskey, whiskey, and more whiskey. He’s the man behind the launch of the new Soho Grand American Whiskey Bar, opening this weekend with more than 50 labels.

Jim Strong, president of Strong Travel, is talking travel, but not as an agent. Strong is the mastermind behind the brand-new Off Broadway show, “Craving for Travel.”

Nathan Pyle, author and illustrator of the new book, NYC Tips and Etiquette, gives us the real deal on what New Yorkers consider acceptable when it comes to basic etiquette. (Hint: a granola bar on the subway is OK. Pad thai? Not so much.)

Eve Branson, world traveler, philanthropist, oh, and mother of Richard Branson, can now add author to her long list of accomplishments. She stops by to share details from her new memoir, Mum’s the Word: The High-Flying Adventures of Eve Branson.

Arnie Weissmann, editor-in-chief of Travel Weekly, sits down to talk about unique air carriers around the globe, from Surf Air to Ryanair. Plus, he fills us in on the hot-button topic in travel that is about 787s, but not the airplane variety.

Monica Suma, travel blogger and NYC ambassador for explains how travelers can find other like-minded people when planning their trips, and tells us about the latest trends in travel planning.