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Travel Tip: Gay Marriage Boosts Tourism

Sharing Love - Gay-Friendly HotelsAs more states legalize gay marriage, we’re starting to see more destinations capitalizing on this when it comes tourism. It’s simply a matter of dollars and cents.

A study from the University of Hawaii found that the gay marriage could boost tourism spending by about $217 million in the next three years. After all, Hawaii is one of the leading honeymoon spots in the world. And under the new law, couples can actually register for a license and get married the same day, which is a bonus for tourists.

Two of the biggest gay-marriage destinations in the country are New York and California. And it’s not just honeymooning. It’s an economic boom for wedding venue, photographers, hotels, and all the other mechanics that go into a wedding.

Same-sex marriage generates nearly $260 million for New York in the first year that it was legalized. And it’s been estimated that gay weddings in California will generate $492 million in the next three years, between wedding spending and tourism dollars, plus another $46 million in taxes and fees.

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