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Travel Tip: How to Use Twitter Hotel Deals & More

hotel_twitterOK, I get it. Social media is taking over every aspect of travel. So here’s how you can find hotel Twitter deals and make these tools actually work for you.

Loews Hotels and Resorts just announced that you can book your hotels through Twitter. You send them a tweet using the #BookLoews. Then a human being takes over from there through a secure chat.

But why add the extra step? Why not just pick up the phone and make the call yourself?

There are ways to make social media work for you. More and more travel providers are monitoring their Facebook and Twitter accounts, so if you have a complaint…they’ll pay attention.

Just be prepared to follow up with an email and, you guessed it, a conversation.

The best use of social media? Tracking last-minute sales. Limited-time deals that aren’t necessarily available far and wide, but are sent out to loyal followers.

But there’s still a human element. If you find a great deal online, it never hurts to call the hotel and ask them to match it….and see if they can throw in breakfast while you’re at it.

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