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Travel Tips: New and Better Ways for Air Travel with Pets

Panting Dog - Dogs & Planes Don't MixListen up, pet owners. Planning to relocate or be away for an extended period? That’s about the only time Peter recommends that you fly with your animals, so here’s what you need to know about air travel with pets. When a pet is being transported in the cargo hold, the airlines basically consider them checked luggage. So it’s important to do things right for your pet’s sake.

At JFK, they’re opening a new space called The Ark. It’s a multi-million dollar facility for animals that are passing through the airport. That includes kenneling, vet services and quarantine—all top-of-the line stuff to make the process a little less stressful.

As a pet owner, your first step is to check with the International Pet and Animal Transport Association to find an approved company. These guys know the things that you may not. For example, did you know Air France allows only hard plastic or fiberglass crates, whereas its partner, Delta, also allows metal and wooden crates?

They also know important information like whether air travel can be dangerous for your particular breed, and if pending weather conditions may also be a risk factor.

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