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Travel Tip: How You Will Soon Be Able to Travel to Space

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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwoLadies and gentlemen, the future is here. Yes, I’m talking about space travel and technically, anyone can do it!

Virgin Galactic’s space flight is scheduled for 2014, but they aren’t alone in the market. OK, yes, most of us would have to mortgage our houses, kids and pets to make it happen, but there are some pretty cool options out there.

Next year, Space Expedition Corporation is planning a commercial flight to space. $100,000 gets you 100 kilometers into the atmosphere. For a little less money, you can stay within the Earth’s atmosphere.

World View plans to have travelers soar into the stars in a pressurized capsule attached to a helium balloon. That’ll cost you just $75,000. And by 2020, you should be able to book your flight to the moon.

A U.S. company called Golden Spike has hired Ex-NASA staffers to bring commercial travel to the moon. But before you drop $100 thousand on the space experience, you might want to give it a test drive.

Down on earth, the NASTAR Center in Pennsylvania has two-day trainings that replicate the experience of being in space.

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