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Travel Tip: How to Use Automated Passport Machines

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Passport-Kiosks-ready-to-go-at-JFK_courtesy-Delta-Air-Lines1Another week, another automated kiosk at the airport. I’m talking about the new automated passport machines at Customs and Border Protection.

Right now, there are Automated Passport Control kiosks in O’Hare’s International terminal. Delta has paid to get them into JFK as well.

Instead of filling out a declarations card, you go to a kiosk machine located at passport control, answer questions on a touch screen, and you’ll get a receipt. You then hand the paperwork and your passport to an officer to clear customs much faster.

Canadian citizens can use similar kiosks in Montreal and Toronto. But are they secure? General consensus is yes, and I’m expecting to see this tool in a lot more airports in the near future.

And if you’re not sure whether you should just take your chances waiting in line, Customs and Border Protection actually tracks historical wait times in major airports. Just plug in the day of the week and time of day, and you can get a sense of how long the process will take.

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